Our Businesses

TCS E-COM (Pvt.) Ltd. is home to two diversified business activities that never compromise on the quality of services they provide whilst working with the motto of providing customer satisfaction, employee motivation and technological innovation.

Yayvo.com is a fairly recent eCommerce development that provides a user-friendly platform with effortless online payment methods. Yayvo.com brings with it a unique algorithm – one that enables users to purchase the ‘yay’ and the ‘vo’ in a timely and reliable fashion – delivered anywhere in Pakistan – a promise upheld by TCS for decades. The term Yayvo was coined using two Urdu words ‘yay’ and ‘vo’ together meaning ‘this’ and ‘that’. The brand name is a reflection of the company’s mission, vision and business strategy.
Our biggest strength is our link with TCS and its highly popular Hazir service, which delivers products from the website, as well as anything else you can think of, in less than 120 minutes. Our 360 degree process gives us a competitive edge over other eCommerce portals- from stock keeping, online shopping experience, pick ups, deliveries, to our interactive shopping segment on TV, it’s all done under one brand name – Yayvo by TCS.
Visit www.yayvo.com to experience the future of online shopping in Pakistan- an experience unparalleled.

Sentiments Express is an establishment designed to deliver tokens of love and appreciation to those very dear to us. For over two decades, Sentiments Express has upheld its promise to create happiness for its customers nationwide and in the UAE. In an era rife with digital innovation and technological prowess, convenience is a core requirement facing all inventions. Sentiments Express is here to deliver just that with the help of its simple and user friendly interface. 1989 marks the birth of Sentiments Express and ever since it has placed itself as the chief gift delivery service in Pakistan.
Sentiments express operates on an outlook based on a very simplistic goal- to provide a broad, beautifully fabricated display consisting of a large variety of products for customers to select from that appeal to the occasion, aid in their expression and provide a platform to send wishes, show gratitude and spread love to their friends, family, business partners, colleagues, employees and customers. Sentiments Express team greatly values the memorable milestones in our customers’ lives and thus expends an immense amount of energy and effort on designing, crafting and customizing a wide range of tailor-made products to appeal to our diverse patrons, from corporate customers to friends and family. Our packaging is product specific and well-equipped to both look exquisite as well as safeguard the product during transit.
Tune in to the Sentiments Express: www.sentimentsexpress.com or visit any TCS express center to keep up to date with our promotions and packages. With delivery available in 84 cities in Pakistan, as well as the UAE, missing a birthday or a special occasion is out of the question. We deliver to the largest, smallest, nearest, farthest, and remote locations of Pakistan.