Integrity and Compliance

TCS E-COM is devoted to the compliance of all statutory rules and regulations relating to business activities and abides by the highest standards of business conduct when dealing with our stakeholders, be it our customers, business partners, shareholders or employees. We strictly conform to the provision of genuine, legal and halal products- the sale of any item that does not comply with this description is not permitted and we ensure that all employees and vendors understand and adhere to this.
It is our responsibility to instruct our employees to conduct all business outside of the TCS E-COM walls with utmost care so as not to breach our highly valued integrity policy. Under no circumstances do we advocate any unlawful or unethical behavior. We are extremely committed to our stakeholders and any concerns or complaints are taken very seriously. Hence, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, complaints or feedback you may have.
Those submitting a complaint or question are requested to kindly provide us with his or her name, contact information and relevant details of the illegal behavior in question or the inquiry you may have, in order to speed up the process and allow us to address the issue at hand directly with the concerned individual. We take feedback very seriously and strongly uphold to our confidentiality policy whereby we take care to handle this information as discreetly as possible.