We’re Passionately Pagal

Who are we?

We are passionately pagal – driven by a motive to excel, to continuously grow & enhance the eCommerce industry, build awareness & make products widely accessible with just a click of a button. We innovate, we improvise & we try to demonstrate integrity in everything we do.


What do we do?

We are an eCommerce platform, backed by TCS. We deliver beyond our customers’ expectations. We serve markets both locally and internationally, offering a plethora of products and services that reflect both quality and value for money.


How do we do it?

TCS E-COM’s vibrant culture is rooted in our system and as we grow as a company. TCS’s core values are woven into our cultural fabric which aid in the development of our brand and business strategies, whilst simultaneously encouraging our team to stay grounded, focused and motivated.
No matter how large we grow, our set of shared values at TCS as a whole will always enable us to make better choices. Our Values are:
· Build a team of passionate people!
· Make life simple, convenient and easy – for our people and customers
· Enable our people to align their personal goals with their career aspirations
· Embed ethics and transparency in everything we do
· Be humble and respectful
· Create happiness for self and others
· Do more with less
· What you do is more important than who you are
· Give it all you got and be fearless
· Trust and empower people

Everything Extraordinary Makes Us